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Tire Details


The bead is that part of the tire which contacts the rim on the wheel. The bead is reinforced with steel wire, and compounded by high strength, low flexibility rubber. The bead seats tightly against the two rims on the wheel to ensure that a tubeless tire holds air without leakage. The bead fits it tight, to ensure the tire does not shift circumferentially as the wheel rotates. The width of the rim in relationship to the tire are a factor in the handling characteristics of an automobile because the rim supports the tire's profile.


The sidewall is the part of the tire that bridges between the tread and the bead. The sidewall is reinforced with rubber and fabric plies that provide for strength and flexibility. The sidewall transmits the torque applied by the drive axle to the tread in order to create traction. The sidewall, in conjunction with the air inflation, also supports the load of vehicle. Sidewalls are molded with manufacturer-specific detail, government mandated warning labels, and other consumer information, and sometimes decorative ornamentation.

Tire Rotation

Tires may exhibit irregular wear patterns once installed on a vehicle and partially worn. Furthermore, front-wheel drive vehicles will wear the front tires at a greater rate compared to the rears. The rotation is the procedure of moving tires to a different car position, such as front-to-rear, in order to even out the wear, thereby extending the life of the tire. It should be noted that with radial tires, once used, the direction of the rotation should not be changed (except for emergency use).

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Tire Inflation Pressure

Tires are specified by the dealer manufacturer with a recommended inflation pressure, which permits safe operation within the specified load rating and vehicle loading. Most tires are stamped with a maximum pressure rating ( for USA only). For passenger vehicles and light trucks , the tires should be inflated to what the vehicle manufacturer recommends, which is usually located by the decal just inside the drivers door, or in the vehicle owners handbook.

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